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       There’s no question that my wife Meg (#adventureswithmeg) and I absolutely love to travel. The travel bug that we picked up when we met on a study abroad trip continues to draw us across the globe with eyes wide open. In these early years of our marriage, it has been such a valuable experience for us to see new places and observe different ways of living, whether or not that’s been in our own backyard, here in Southern California, or abroad.
       Growing up in Los Angeles and San Diego, I’ve spent some time in Mexico, our neighbor to the south. But I have always wanted to explore the enormous county to our north, Canada. We’ve heard nothing but amazing things about summers spent in the Pacific Northwest and after a little research, the beauty of British Columbia pulled us in!
       Seattle took us to one Meg’s favorite breakfast spots at Pike Place, The Crumpet Shop. Then upstairs for an americano and views of the Puget Sound at a great spot called Storyville Coffee Roasters.
       The highlight of the trip for me took us through North Cascade National Park, also called the American Alps for pretty obvious reasons. My love for Switzerland came alive again driving past light blue, glacier-filled lakes and white-capped mountain tops. From there, we crossed the Canadian border to Vancouver, B.C. on a train, my favorite way to travel. A ferry to Victoria is where we fell in love with the British-inspired streets, flower pots hanging from the light posts, and the harbor that holds together the heart of the town. I ate the best fish and chips I’ve ever had at Steamship Grill & Taphouse and incredible quinoa fritters at 10 Acres Bistro + Bar.
       When we planned our trip, we weren’t aware that we’d be exploring Vancouver B.C. on the country’s most celebrated holiday, Canada Day. The greatest irony of being an American during this trip was when we found ourselves eating a burger at a gastropub, overlooking the English Bay, and rooting for USA during the World Cup surrounded by Canadians who were also crossing their fingers that we’d beat Belgium. We were entertained by their excitement to say the phrase, ‘merica, without fail throughout the game. Definitely a fun memory!
       Canada certainly welcomed us well and we can’t wait to return. Maybe we’ll head east next visit, but with lots of practice in French!


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