The boutique marriage retreat for couples seeking an intentional break from the day-to-day



SUSTAIN is the retreat designed to enhance your marriage and have you feeling hopeful like you did on your wedding day. 

This is much more than a vacation. 

During the retreat, you’ll enjoy curated experiences that facilitate deeper connection and come way with practical skills to apply to your relationship upon returning home. 

If you and your spouse want new levels of depth, intimacy, and grounded-ness in your marriage, SUSTAIN is for you.

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Taylor & Emily

"We saw SUSTAIN as a great opportunity to kick the year off right; to spend intentional time growing closer and strengthening our marriage. In the craziness with kids, sometimes that just gets skipped over, so we were just really excited to be able to learn from each other, learn from Megan and Garrett, from the other couples and seeing ways that we can be strengthening our relationship together."


"In the busyness of life, to make space for us, to dream together again, to gain some new tools or to re-sharpen some things that we may be neglected. We really felt equipped and refreshed to be able to go and implement new things into our daily routine. And then to get to do all of that in a beautiful space with incredible hosts, we felt really at home. Meeting with other couples and seeing how they're thriving in their marriages and how they're wanting to grow really encourages you to grow yourself!"


Aaron & Katie

"I love starting the year on the same page, connected, and strong. It wasn't just a vacation: It was a special time set aside to focus on our marriage & the topics we went over are important things to talk about and remember. I was slightly worried about awkward group discussion, but it always felt very comfortable and natural. I also hesitated about the money and time commitment, but it was absolutely worth it! We are in a closer and better place after Sustain and enjoyed our time so much."


"We just looked at our marriage/family and recognized that our marriage had to be the most important thing: for our kids to know that we come first. To just start the year off with an injection of strategies and tools and fun and time away. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to do this. New tools and strategies to communicate better, to fight better, to agree better, to affirm each other."


Danielle & Ryan

"What drew us to SUSTAIN was being able to connect and work on our marriage. We got time to go have lunch together, chat together, not have to chase kids around and deal with work calls blowing up his phone all the time. The things that we learned from Meg, the photoshoot with Garrett, it was just awesome. It was a great couple of days that made us grateful for what we have and it made us ready to go back home to be with our girls, get back into the hustle and bustle but take what we learned and have a new structure."


"It was time carved out that was specific to just focusing on our connection and us without the busyness of life and the craziness of kids. We could just set all that aside and have the support to really connect, between us too and it's been amazing."


Lindsay & Tim

"It was a dream to be able to reconnect and relax with my spouse in the most romantic city in the world!"


Nate & Charis

"SUSTAIN was an awesome trip that beat our expectations, made us dive deeper in our marriage, and created lasting memories of an epic time exploring Paris."


alex & brandon

"Being intentional with each other: with our time, with our marriage, words, thoughts. I think intentional is the word that describes this whole experience for me. This retreat opened up a lot of communication for us. I feel like it’s helped me in communicating how I’m feeling and how to deal with conflict. Oh, and the baguettes! B has literally not stopped talking about them since we’ve been back... he’s been talking about how he can’t wait to have bread, cheese, and meats as we did in Paris! It's one of the best experiences my husband and I could have committed to for our marriage. It’s our quarterly oil change to invest in ourselves."




Hi, we are the richardsons!

We are Garrett & Megan Richardson and San Diego, California is home but we are BIG fans of travel if you haven't already noticed. After meeting on a study abroad trip to Greece, we’ve since traveled throughout Europe, Asia, and South America. Megan is a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist currently practicing with clients at the San Diego Institute for Couples and Families and working at a local University. Garrett is a wedding photographer serving couples worldwide. He is drawn to timeless photography captured with a natural & authentic approach. We love our weekly date nights, turning strangers into friends, discovering new restaurants, and our two fluffy Maine Coon cats.

We're passionate about the REAL stuff of life.

Our marriage is far from perfect - we both bring wounds into our relationship and are daily learning what it means to choose each other. But, we love that Jesus came to bring reconciliation and restoration of all things and we have hope that marriages can experience wholeness and healing. Ultimately, we believe that if marriages are strong, families thrive and in turn, our world is changed for the better. So are you ready to sustain your marriage?




This is perfect for Southern California locals desiring a reconnection break, especially perfect if you have kids and its harder to “get away”.

romantic paris retreat

Ideal for world travelers, who want to combine a love of adventure with time spent on marriage. A chance to nosh on croissants & brie - amid reconnection!

the sustain retreat


Ditch stress & truly connect:

Let’s take the stress out of the equation for you and your spouse. Leave the day to day hustle and bustle behind & transport yourselves to a place where you slow down and see each other again.

Transform your marriage:

We know it sounds like a big promise, but we’re serious. This type of experience can transform your marriage and lead to true connection, understanding, and intimacy.

Heal & move forward together:

We all carry baggage. Let’s heal wounds from past conversations and misunderstandings and create new, beautiful, positive, and reparative moments with your partner.  

Learn new & lasting marriage tools:

This isn’t a one-time band-aid fix. Learn new skills to supercharge your communication, responsiveness, and engagement with your spouse so you can make real, positive, and lasting changes together.

Forever memories:

When you look at your photos, you’ll be immediately transported back to this time and the experiences of greater intimacy, fun, adventure, and connection.

"We know we will treasure all of these wonderful photos forever."

My husband and I worked with Garrett four different times this past year: for our engagement photos, church ceremony, rehearsal dinner and wedding day in San Diego, and all of our photos turned out fantastic! There are not enough good things to say about Garrett. Not only is he a great photographer, but he is also so incredibly kind, responsive, down to earth. He genuinely cares about his clients & wants you to love your photos and the process.


"There is no-one better at making you feel special on the most special day of your life"

Where do I even begin!!? If we did not have Garrett as our photographer, our day wouldn't have been the same. He was so much more than just a photographer. His easygoing, joyful personality and kind spirit brought such a peace to our day. He is so gifted at making you feel celebrated and loved while seamlessly keeping everything on track. His photographs are top of the line and exceeded my expectations by miles!


Garrett perfectly captured our beach wedding. He and his team made us look and feel amazing! Our amazing wedding pictures were featured in multiple publications; no doubt because of Garrett's fantastic attention to detail and gift for composition. Not only is Garrett an amazing photographer but he was super fun to have at the wedding!

"You can truly tell he loves what he does and has extensive knowledge of each venue"


"We will always cherish our wedding memories through Garrett's artistry ..."

Garrett photographed both our engagement images & wedding day. The results were stunning! Garrett has a rare talent to capture the most important moments in life. Garrett has many connections all over California. He was able to bring on an assistant photographer to help shoot our big day, which was over 500 miles from San Diego! I would highly recommend using Garrett Richardson as your professional photographer for any occasion!


"Garrett is so passionate about his work and SO fun to have around during your wedding ..."

There are truly not enough good words to say about Garrett. His work is outstanding, yes, but his personality and genuineness are what make him great. My husband and I wanted a photographer who we connected with, someone we would enjoy having at our wedding. We immediately found that in Garrett. We absolutely could not have picked a better person to work with. We gained amazing wedding photos, and a really great friend too.


" You only get one chance to capture all of those special moments and they have to get it just right ..."

Your wedding photographer has to be someone that you trust implicitly. Garrett Richardson knocked our photography out of the park. Our engagement & wedding photos turned out so beautifully! He is locked in as our family photographer from here on out. On our wedding day, Garrett struck a good balance between getting us into poses that he knew would work and capturing all of our off-the-cuff, natural moments.


"Garrett made us feel like the only couple he was working with ..."

Garrett is by far the best! He was timely, SO organized and made us feel like the only couple he was working with - even though I know his calendar was booked! We loved our wedding photos everyone from our wedding party to our venue loved working with him.




Luxury accommodations

Including breakfast, each morning

6+ hours of educational and practical content

provided by Megan Richardson, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Professional photoshoot on location

with Garrett Richardson and a full gallery of images

Intentionally selected local experiences

time away to focus on your marriage

and to engage with other couples that can provide encouragement for the journey

more surprises along the way ...



If strengthening your marriage is something you’ve been wanting for months or years and you feel like you can’t seem to find your stride, how long will you wait for change to happen?

To learn more about the retreat, feel free to schedule a phone call with us or send us a quick email at You can also send us a direct message us on Instagram to get the conversation started. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have and look forward to meeting you!

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